Le moyen-orient


Moyen orient  (9)

IRAQ. Baghdad, Iraq. March 2003. Iraqi security forces search for an alleged American fighter pilot that was thought to have parachuted into the Tigris River in Baghdad after being shot down.

IRAQ. Baghdad, Iraq. July 2004. A man tries to tame an Arabian horse looted from one of Saddam Hussie's palaces in Baghdad, now being kept in the backyard of a house in the Sadr City district of Baghdad.

JORDAN. Zaatari Refugee Camp. August 2014. Photographer Michael Christopher Brown taught a camera phone workshop to the Syrian refugee children included in these photographs.

IRAQ. Baghdad, Iraq. June 2008. American soldiers inside a Stryker fighting vehicle return to base after a patrol in western Baghdad.

LIBYA. Tripoli. March 2, 2011. Supporters of Libyan leader Colonel Qaddafi rally in Tripoli's Green Square on Wednesday evening.

AFGHANISTAN. Marja. March 2010. US Marines kneel behind a smoke screen at an helicopter landing zone in Marja, Helmand Province.

13 à 18 ans

AFGHANISTAN. Kunar Province. March 2010. Afghan soldiers carry a wounded comrade into an American medevac helicopter after a Taliban ambush near the village of Tsunek, Kunar Province.

IRAQ. Baghdad, Iraq. May 1, 2003. An American soldier screams at a gathering crowd at the scene of an explosion at an illegal petrol station in central Baghdad.

IRAQ. Baghdad, March 2003. A boy with a hunting rifle runs through the British Cemetery in central Baghdad during a sandstorm.

13 à 18 ans

AFGHANISTAN. Kandahar. March 2005. A boy covers his eyes during a sandstorm in the southern city of Kandahar.

SYRIA. Hama. July 17, 2011.  Young anti-regime protestors during a demonstration against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in central Hama.

TURKEY. SURUC. SEPTEMBER 28, 2014. Syrian Kurdish refugees and Turkish citizens watch YPG Kurdish fighters battle ISIS, aka ISIL or Islamic State, fighters across the border and roughly 5 kilometers west of the town of Kobane, also known as Ayn al-Arab, Syria.

Le moyen-orient

LIBYA. Tripoli. 2011.



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